Electronic Trial Presentation

Videotape Depositions

Digital Presenter (ELMO)

Multimedia Depositions

Clip Creation

Digital Video (MPEG1, MPEG2, DVD, Synch CD)


Interactive Tablet Display

High-Defintion Day-in-the-Life Shoots

Evidence Shoots

Mock Trials

Database Creation

Flash Animations

PowerPoint Presentations

Medical Illustrations

Video Playback

Settlement Presentations

Trial Consultation

The future of courtroom presentation is here! Let Digital Justice create a powerful, multimedia presentation of video clips, documents, photographs and PowerPoint presentations for your next trial. Feel free to browse our site or contact our staff for assistance.

Our team of litigation support specialists has over 100 years of combined experience in the legal community. We have participated in over 5000 days in trial in the last eighteen years.

We understand the process as well as the technology. We are knowledgeable with the Northeast court systems and know what the Judges prefer. We plan according to the physical layout of the courtroom to make sure your presentation will have the maxium impact on the jury.

Our goal is to ensure that your trial presentation is effective, powerful and an overall positive experience for you and your client.

Our Mission Statement

  • We provide cutting-edge litigation support from discovery to winning verdict.
  • We focus on the technical aspect of the trial so you can stay focused on your case.
  • We present digital evidence dynamically in court.
  • We want to WOW you with our customer service. Every service we provide is accomplished in-house, no outsourcing.